Monday, August 13, 2007

What to do when the developer is on vacation?

It is not uncommon that a developer goes on vacation when the team find out that some files are checked out and reserved by him. In this case you don't want to remove the view and unco all the check-outs. Instead, a cleartool unreserve command will switch the reserved checkout to unreserved mode, and allow the other developers to be able to check-in their changes.

First, look for the version tree (or lsco) to identify the view that contains the checked-out file. In this example, DP14_9.0_Rel.

Next, find out the view storage location that holds the files.

cleartool lsview DP14_9.0_Rel
DP14_9.0_Rel \\CBAD1-KCIDJJ\views_stg\DP14\DP14_9.0_Rel.vws

or using command:
cleartool desc -l vob:/vobs/vob_name
VOB holds objects from the following views:
CBAD1-KCIDJJ:C:\views_stg\DP14\DP14_9.0_Rel.vws [uuid 181126d5.374a4296.bf6a.58:f1:7a:85:ec:21]

Now, set the checkout to unreserved mode.

cleartool unreserve -view CBAD1-KCIDJJ:C:\views_stg\DP14\DP14_9.0_Rel.vws .\CBFE-FE\JavaSource\com\cibc\bankframe\fe\withcustomer\inquiries\common\