Friday, March 14, 2008

CCRC deliver_complete Trigger

All the other triggers work well in our CCRC environment except one. Our deliver_complete trigger did not create the baseline and recommend it as expected.

# create the baseline
$cmd = "cleartool mkbl -c \"$dlvracts\" $basename";

# recommend the baseline
$cmd = "cleartool chstream -recommended $bl $stream";

The workaround is to create a dynamic view on RWP server and use the -view option in the mkbl command.

$cmd = "cleartool mkbl -c \"$dlvracts\" -view myViewTag $basename";

I hope IBM will fix this in the next release. Otherwise, we have to create a view for each stream for the deliver.

The print statement in the trigger script does not work well in CCRC environment. When debugging, it is better to write to a local file on the RWP server. And make sure that the file is accessible by the web account.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Analyze of VOB Size Report

From the chart in my previous blog, we can see that the size of one of the VOBs, FrontEnd, has increased sharply (by 250MB) over Feb 13. There are several reason could led to this. The most possible one is new code is being introduced into source control. A simple command can do this:

cleartool setview ccadmin_view
cd /vobs/FrontEnd
cleartool find -all -elem '{created_since(13-Feb-2008)}' -print





After browsing through the result, we can conclude that a new directory with some large libraries have been newly added to ClearCase. And the increase of the VOB size is normal.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monitoring VOB size

Another important item to monitor is the VOB size. VOB size can impact in a couple of ways.

For an individual VOB, its size should be increasing at a stable pace. If there is a dramatic increase, it often indicates problems.

For the total size of all VOBs, if its size grows too close to the size of the file system, new disks/hardwares should be configured to support the increase. On the other hand, as the total size of VOBs increase, the backup time for ClearCase also increases. Make sure that the backup window is large enough, and the backup device has enough capacity.