Tuesday, April 15, 2008

tar copy Failed on NFS

To move VOB data from one server to another, we usually create a tar ball, ftp to the other server, and untar the file. This time, we wanted to try a "better" way.

We share the file system from the target and mount it from the source server. cd to the VOB storage directories, do the tar copy as a one line command as root.

tar cvf - . | (cd /mnt/ccstore/vobs; tar xvfP -)

Everything looked fine until ClearCase started. In the log file, it complained some file could not be found. It turned out that those zero-sized files were not copied over. We had to fix it by using the old way, tar cvf-> ftp -> tar xvf. Later experiment showed that the tar copy works well between local folders, not NFS.

Monday, April 14, 2008

ClearCase Server Migration

We moved our ClearCase to new server over the weekend, and copied the VOB to a new disk array. The VIP (scm0) of the server did not change. However, the server name changed from cbfe-dev-cm01 to clearcase1. We always use the VIP to access ClearCase. All the VOBs should be defined using the VIP.

After ClearCase was started, the cleartool desc command failed.

qinl@clearcase2% cleartool desc vob:/vobs/HealthCheck
versioned object base "/vobs/HealthCheck"
created 2005-08-11T11:04:35-04:00 by ClearCase Admin (ccadmin.clearcase_cbfe@cbfe-dev-cm01)
"Created by make_vob.pl script"
VOB family feature level: 4
VOB storage host:pathname "scm0:/ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob"
VOB storage global pathname "/ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob"
database schema version: 54
modification by remote privileged user: allowed
cleartool: Error: Problem starting vob_server for vob scm0:/ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob
cleartool: Error: See albd or vob error logs on host scm0
FeatureLevel = 4
AdminVOB -> vob:/vobs/CBFEProjects

$ tail albd_log
2008-03-28T10:50:31-04:00 albd_server(3711): Ok: Server vob_server(3938) exited
with status 1
2008-03-28T10:50:31-04:00 albd_server(3711): Error: Server vob_server (pid=3938)
on "/ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob" died on startup; marking it as "down".

$ cat /var/adm/atria/vob_log
2008-03-28T11:26:06-04:00 vob_server(5831): Error: The vob_object registry for "/ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob" specifies incorrect hostname for server; expected hostname: cbfe-dev-cm01 actual hostname: scm0. Use cleartool unregister/register -vob to correct.

$ cat /ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob/.hostname

The information in the vob_log is good enough for a solution.

$ cleartool unreg -vob xxx
$ cleartool reg -vob -host scm0 -hpath /ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob /ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob

$ cat /ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob/.hostname

Everthing was fine after re-registery the VOB.