Friday, September 7, 2007

ClearCase credential manager cannot be started

After successfully using CC for sometime, a developer got a serials of weird ClearCase problems on the only Windows 2003 server running CC client. Such as:

ClearCase credencial manager service cannot start, even after clearn re-installation;

Sometmies ClearCase explorer hangs at start up;

The snapshot views hanged during update;

After click on the snapshot view shortcut in CC explorer, it hangs for a long time, then prompts "Timed out trying to start view_server for view ...";

When right click on the elements in a snapshort view in Windows explorer, Windows explorer hangs;

CC explorer hangs when click on "finish" button to create a view (both snapshot and dynamic);

Problem adding dynamic view shortcut to CC explorer, it reports "The name specified is not a registered view tag";

Some dynamic views can start up properly while other hangs. Once the dynamic views started, it can check-out/in.


The vob server is on Solaris, the view storage is locally on the Windows 2003 server. After some drill down, we noticed that some ccgzip.exe processes were running in Task Manager. And the updating of snapshort view always stopped at elements with type compressed_file. To help investiation, we also installed procmon to capture the processes status.

It turned out that our PATH env variable is too long, and ClearCase bin folder happens to be the last one in the string. So some the dlls the ccgzip program referred to cannot be located. After moving the ClearCase bin folder to the beginning of the PATH string, everything works like a charm.


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