Friday, March 1, 2013

TFS Mirroring failover Checklist

In a mirrored TFS environment, there are quite a few items to verify after the failover from the primary site to the mirrored site. Here is the checklist.

  • Verify latest code. Before failover, make some changes. Verify the change after failover.
  • Verify changesets. Before failover, make some changes to create a new changeset. Verify the changeset after failover. May need to refresh a couple of time to get the latest changeset displayed.
  • Verify build definition and build history is also up-to-date      
  • Check in new code. Verify TFS functionality.
  • Verify build configuration from TFS admin console on the build machine. build service, build controller and build agent should all be up and running. May need to unregister the build service and create a new to connect to the new TFS server. For the build agent on the old primary TFS server to function, the TFS on the old server need to be started if not (%TFSInstallRoot%\tools\TFSServicecontrol.exe unquiesce). If want to use build controller on the new primary server, may need to configure build configuration from the new server and create a new controller and agent.
  • Verify the status of build controller and build agent from client VS -> build. Status should be available. 
  • Start new build using whichever build agent.   
  • Verify TFS web access. http://newserver:8080/tfs. click on links to verify.
  • Verify reports. http://newserver/reports. Generate at least one report to verify.


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