Tuesday, April 15, 2008

tar copy Failed on NFS

To move VOB data from one server to another, we usually create a tar ball, ftp to the other server, and untar the file. This time, we wanted to try a "better" way.

We share the file system from the target and mount it from the source server. cd to the VOB storage directories, do the tar copy as a one line command as root.

tar cvf - . | (cd /mnt/ccstore/vobs; tar xvfP -)

Everything looked fine until ClearCase started. In the log file, it complained some file could not be found. It turned out that those zero-sized files were not copied over. We had to fix it by using the old way, tar cvf-> ftp -> tar xvf. Later experiment showed that the tar copy works well between local folders, not NFS.


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