Monday, April 14, 2008

ClearCase Server Migration

We moved our ClearCase to new server over the weekend, and copied the VOB to a new disk array. The VIP (scm0) of the server did not change. However, the server name changed from cbfe-dev-cm01 to clearcase1. We always use the VIP to access ClearCase. All the VOBs should be defined using the VIP.

After ClearCase was started, the cleartool desc command failed.

qinl@clearcase2% cleartool desc vob:/vobs/HealthCheck
versioned object base "/vobs/HealthCheck"
created 2005-08-11T11:04:35-04:00 by ClearCase Admin (ccadmin.clearcase_cbfe@cbfe-dev-cm01)
"Created by script"
VOB family feature level: 4
VOB storage host:pathname "scm0:/ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob"
VOB storage global pathname "/ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob"
database schema version: 54
modification by remote privileged user: allowed
cleartool: Error: Problem starting vob_server for vob scm0:/ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob
cleartool: Error: See albd or vob error logs on host scm0
FeatureLevel = 4
AdminVOB -> vob:/vobs/CBFEProjects

$ tail albd_log
2008-03-28T10:50:31-04:00 albd_server(3711): Ok: Server vob_server(3938) exited
with status 1
2008-03-28T10:50:31-04:00 albd_server(3711): Error: Server vob_server (pid=3938)
on "/ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob" died on startup; marking it as "down".

$ cat /var/adm/atria/vob_log
2008-03-28T11:26:06-04:00 vob_server(5831): Error: The vob_object registry for "/ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob" specifies incorrect hostname for server; expected hostname: cbfe-dev-cm01 actual hostname: scm0. Use cleartool unregister/register -vob to correct.

$ cat /ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob/.hostname

The information in the vob_log is good enough for a solution.

$ cleartool unreg -vob xxx
$ cleartool reg -vob -host scm0 -hpath /ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob /ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob

$ cat /ccstore/vobs/HealthCheck.vob/.hostname

Everthing was fine after re-registery the VOB.


Anonymous said...

Same issue encountered here and found space issue.
Please check if you have enough space available or not.

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